Why RNSound?
Pro Audio
No Job Too Small
We provide professional AV installation and support services for trade shows, concerts, fundraisers, corporate and private
events. We rent and install audiovisual systems including live sound reinforcement, complete sound distribution with ceiling
speakers, audio recording, video conferencing, ceiling mounted microphones, high resolution multi-screens, and LCD projection.

Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to ensure that all your audiovisual needs are met. Our promise to you is
that our AV systems are effective, audible and well designed.

We make sure that every detail is taken into consideration, from concept to completion. Our AV consultants do the research
necessary to determine what technologies are currently available and how best to use and integrate these technologies within our
designs and to your specifications.

Our systems are customized to supply you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with your audience. When you
choose RNSound, you’re choosing a solutions provider that is a market leader who is dedicated to helping you succeed in all
audiovisual tasks you undertake.
Our clients are amazed to find that we have affordable solutions for entry-level video, audio, and lighting, or that we’ve installed
sound and video/projection systems from the smallest pubs and personal events, to large multi-million dollar nightclubs and
events such as Burning Man.

We specialize in meeting the AV needs of trade shows, conferences, panel discussions, training sessions, corporate and private
parties. We also offer basic services, like PA system rentals, and small package lighting rentals for any events. For larger events,
RNSound has a crew of experienced technicians and audio/video engineers to help you with everything.
RNSound is not just about audio rentals and audio/video installations, we create great impressions. We've demonstrated to our
clients that we can transform any presentation into an event reality.

Tell us if you want us to create a fresh new event concept or need us to produce professional installation from your existing
specs. We combine our creativity with the latest AV and computer technologies to generate a variety of options for you to
choose from.

RNSound has been providing sound design, consulting, project management, custom installations, and post-installation
services for more than 10 years. We have a team which is qualified, familiar with Labor Codes and Union regulations, and can
obtain all the necessary permits to perform our AV job according to your venue's specifications. Our service team is praised as
one of the most reliable and efficient installation technicians in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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